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In New Hampshire A Vehicle Registration Always Starts In Your Town Clerk's Office.  

Q. Can I get paper (temporary) plates at the town office?

A. No they are only available at a sub-station (Epping, Dover, Etc.) You need to bring your NH license, and a bill of sale or a purchase and sales agreement and it must be done in person.

Q. Can I register a car for my son/daughter, etc.?

A. Generally, yes, but you must provide us with a notarized power of attorney and a copy of that individual's license to do so.

Q. I sold my car. Can I get a rebate?

A. No, the State does not rebate any portion of the registration.

Q. I'm buying a car in Massachusetts, how long can I use my NH plates before I register it?

A. It is against NH law to use the plates from any other vehicle until it is registered to that car. You may purchase a temporary plate from a sub-station.

Q. Do I get a grace period after my registration runs out?

A. There is no grace period at all for renewing a vehicle.

NOTE: It is impossible to define all the requirements or list a complete set of instructions. This is provided for your convenience only. If you have a question or concern that has not been addressed please call the office at 926-0406 or e-mail us at