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Hampton’s tax year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Taxes are due semi-annually in July and December (normally due July 1st and December 1st). The first half bill is normally mailed at the end of May and covers April 1st to September 30th . This bill is an estimate based on the prior year’s tax rate. The second half bill is  mailed after the tax rate is set and covers October 1st to March 31st (but is the actual bill for the entire year). This bill is calculated using the new tax rate set by the Department of Revenue Administration each fall. It is figured by multiplying the new rate by your property’s assessed value then subtracting any payments made.

Interest will start accruing the day after the tax bills are due at a rate of 12% per annum, pro-rated on a daily basis, in accordance with New Hampshire law (NH RSA76:13). If your taxes have not been paid by the due date please contact the tax office at (603) 926-6769 for a payoff figure.  (See our FAQ page for information on property tax liens.)

It is the property owner’s responsibility to know when the taxes are due.   All bills are mailed at the same time, on the same day, from our printer in Concord. They are mailed to the address of the last known owner by State law, and are due 30 days after the bill is mailed (the bill date). It is your responsibility, as the property owner, to make sure the Assessor’s office has the correct mailing address. If this is a newly purchased property, please check that the Assessor’s office has the updated mailing address as they take the mailing address from the deed, even though this may be your former address.  If you have not received a bill you should contact the tax office at (603) 926-6769. If your mailing address has changed please notify the tax assessor’s office at (603) 929-5837 to change the address on the bill.  Unfortunately, there may be instances where you don’t receive a bill.  It is ultimately the property owner’s responsibility to pay the taxes, and any fees due, whether or not you receive a bill.  You can always check online at to see what is due, or you can call us, or email us at  and we can email you a PDF copy of your bill.

Please call to confirm that we have received your tax payment, whether you mailed it yourself, have it escrowed, or if you use any online payment service through your bank. If you have set up an online payment service through your own bank, please allow extra days for the payment to reach us. These payments are sent as a paper check from your bank, or another party, and arrive in the mail. It is your responsibility to be sure that the payment reaches us. Bill pay payments are not credited to your account until the check arrives in the office and must arrive on, or before, the due date to avoid an interest charge.  Please allow several days for your payment to reach us.  (Also, do not assume that because the amount has been debited from your bank account that the payment has arrived in the office.  In some cases, the amounts are debited from the account and sent to a third party service.  They then mail us a check.  If that check does not arrive, your taxes are not paid.) You may call the office to check that your payment has arrived, or check online at, go to online services then property tax payments.

It is also the homeowner’s responsibility to forward the tax bill to your mortgage company if you escrow for taxes.