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Can I pay my property tax online?

-Yes, visit our homepage at and click “Online Services”.  Go to “Property Tax Payments” to pay online.  This will give you information on all outstanding taxes due, and will give you a history of most recent taxes paid. (Small fee applies if paying the taxes online,and $25.00 fee applies to checks returned for any reason by your bank, but lookup is free.)   Also, you can look at the assessment information online through Vision Appraisal at:

Who do I talk to regarding a question about my assessment?

-Please call the assessor’s office at (603) 929-5837

Are sewer and water included in the tax bills?

-Sewer is included in all tax bills, it is not itemized and there are no final readings; water is billed by Aquarion Water (603) 926-3319.

-Please call assessing to inquire if a property is on town sewer or water.

-A sewer abatement is available to property owners who do not have sewer available.  Abatement forms are no longer necessary and are processed automatically by the Assessor’s office.  If your taxes are paid in full, you should receive a check the following spring for your refund.  If your taxes are not paid in full, the rebate is applied to outstanding taxes.

 Are there any exemptions, or credits, available?

-Yes, if Hampton is your PRIMARY residence and you are elderly, disabled, blind, a veteran, or a veteran’s spouse you may be eligible for a tax exemption/credit.  For details and application information contact the assessor’s office at (603) 929-5837.  The application deadline is April 15th.

-Application for the beach promotional exemption, for owners of residential beach property must be filed each year on or before April 15th.  The forms can be found at under the Assessing tab and Forms tab, and must be mailed to the Hampton Beach Precinct Commission at PO Box 1472 Hampton, NH  03843-1472, or dropped off at the Assessor’s office.

Do you accept credit/debit cards, or online payments?

-At this time we accept cash and checks/money orders and cashier checks only.  We have surveyed customers directly and the majority of customers would not use their credit cards due to the additional fee charged by the credit card company to each bill on top of the tax amount.  (These fees can be up to 3% of the charged amount.)

-You can pay online using your checking account at, go to online services.

Who should the check be made payable to, and can I get a receipt? 

-Please make checks payable to the Town of Hampton.  Please include BOTH copies of the bill (receipt and payment coupon) and a self-addressed-stamped-envelope if you are mailing your payment, we will stamp the receipt and send it back to you.  If you are paying in person bring in BOTH the receipt and the payment coupon, we will stamp the receipt and give it back to you.

Can I date my check for the due date and give it to you to hold until the due date?

-NO – PLEASE DO NOT POST-DATE YOUR CHECK as we deposit  the checks electronically.  Checks received in the office with a future date will be processed the day they are received.  Any check returned by the bank is subject to a fee of $25.00, which will be added to the balance due along with any interest that might be due.

I didn’t receive my bill, therefore I don’t have to pay any interest or late fees right?

-Property owners are responsible for any interest that accrues on unpaid tax balances after the due date, even if a bill is not received.  Starting April 1, 2019, interest accrues at  8% per annum after the due date per NH-RSA 76:13.  (The rate prior to April 1, 2019 was 12%).  All bills are mailed at the same time, on the same day, from our printer in Concord. They are mailed to the last known owner, at the last known address, by State law, and are due on the due date reflected on the bill.

-It is your responsibility, as the property owner, to make sure the Assessor’s office has the correct mailing address. If this is a newly purchased property, please verify that the Assessor’s office has the updated mailing address as they take the mailing address from the recorded deed, even though this may be your former address.   Updating a mailing address with the Town Clerk’s office does NOT update the mailing address on the tax bills.

-If you have not received a bill you should contact the tax office at (603) 926-6769. If your mailing address has changed please notify the assessor’s office at (603) 929-5837 to change the address on the bill.  Unfortunately, there may be instances where you don’t receive a bill, however, it is the property owner’s responsibility to pay the taxes, and any fees due, whether or not you receive a bill. You can always check online at to see what is due, or you can call us, or email us at and we can email you a PDF copy of your bill.

What happens if I don’t pay the taxes or interest due? What is the lien procedure? 

-A notice will be sent by certified mail to the last known owner, at the last known post office address, at least 30 days prior to a lien being placed on the property due to unpaid taxes (NH RSA-80:60).  If a lien is placed on the property interest at 14% per annum will be charged.   (Liens placed prior to April 1, 2019 are charged 18% per annum.)  Mortgage companies will be notified within 45 days after any lien being placed for unpaid taxes (NH RSA 80:65).  The property owner, or the mortgagee, then have 2 years and one day from the lien date, to redeem the lien, interest, and costs, prior to the Tax Collector deeding the property to the Town.  Prior to deeding the property to the Town a notice will be sent by certified mail to the last known owner at the last known post office address (NH RSA 80:77), AND, at the same time, a certified notice will be mailed to the Mortgagee (NH RSA 80:77-a).  Please call the office if you have further questions on property tax liens, as they may affect your credit.  (Additional fees apply for certified notices, mortgagee searches and if the property goes to lien.)