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Wastewater Treatment


Are you familiar with the WWTP?  Watch the first, second and third episodes introducing you to our WWTP including Preliminary  and Secondary Treatment and our Support System processes by clicking the links below:

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Contact Information

Mike Dube, WWTP Operations Manager
Phone: 603-929-5928
Email: mdube (@)

Mike Carle, WWTP Chief Operator
Phone: 603-929-5928
Email: mcarle (@)  

Steve Aslin, Pre-treatment and Grease Waste Coordinator
Phone: 603-929-5929
Email: saslin (

What is the Waste Water Treatment Plant?

The Leavitt E. Magrath Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is owned by the Town of Hampton and is operated by the Public Works Department. It is a Grade IV secondary treatment, activated sludge facility. Located on Hardardt’s Way, behind the closed landfill, the WWTP presently treats the domestic and industrial wastes from Hampton and Rye. It also accepts septage waste from the local area. The Town of Hampton’s Sewer Use Ordinance can be found by clicking here.

        Septage Disposal Fees

        R/V Septic Dumping Hours



     What NOT to flush!!! (a music video)


Driving Directions

 Permit for Disposal of Septic Waste