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Click here to view the Trash and Recycling Schedule for residential collection.
Summer Schedule begins on the third Monday of June each year
Summer Schedule ends at the end of day on the Monday after the Seafood Festival
in September each year

Trash/Recycling Information

Why Recycle?

Recycling is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?  Well, recycling is the process of turning materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable raw materials that can be used to manufacture new products.  It’s an important step in creating a more sustainable future.

Why is recycling important?  Well, in most cases, the recycling process uses far less energy than manufacturing  a product from brand new raw materials, which means you’re saving energy when you recycle.  Plus, recycling:

  • Conserves natural resources
  • Helps reduce the pollution caused by manufacturing products from scratch
  • And helps prevent landfills from filling up with trash.

All in all, recycling helps protect the environment for future generations.

What should I do with my Plastic Bags?

Did you know that only certian plastic bags should be put in your Recycle Carts?

The presence of some plastic bags in the Hampton Recycle Carts is a problem that needs to be corrected. Please follow the guidelines below.

Acceptable plastic bags in the Recycle Carts include: The only acceptable bags in the Recycle Carts are the light weight plastic bags one receives at the checkout counter from grocery stores and stores such at Walmart. These bags should be placed in the Recycle Carts with nothing inside them except other similar bags, and the outside bag should be tied off.

Unacceptable plastic bags include: All green, black or white bags used for trash, garbage, yard waste and etc. should NOT be used for recycling and instead go directly into the Trash Carts if used for some other purpose. Also unacceptable are

  • The clear plastic bags used to cover newspapers, loaves of bread and etc.
  • Bags used for produce from the grocery store
  • Plastic film used to wrap food, as well as cases of water bottles, etc.

These bags should go in the Trash Carts or:

  • Alternative for Recycling some plastic bags: All plastic grocery bags, bread bags, and plastic films used for wrapping products can be recycled at the plastic bag recycling bin found at local grocery and retail store locations.

All the heavier green, black or white trash bags should go in the Trash Cart.  Also, all forms of styrofoam should be placed in the Trash Cart.

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Placement Remember your trash and recycling carts are to be placed at the curbside for collection only on the scheduled day of collection or the evening before collection and "shall not block sidewalks", driveways or create obstacles on the street that would hinder safe passage by any person or conveyance. Carts must be separated by …