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The Hampton Victory Garden is located on Barbour Rd.  In 1991, the Conservation Commission finalized the purchase of a 33- acres parcel owned by Leston Perkins.  Mr. Perkins had used the property as a chicken farm.  In 1992, with the help of many townspeople, including students of Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet High School, and volunteers from the Fire Department, the water and fencing were installed and Victory Garden was officially established.  It's worth noting that this is the second location for the Victory Garden.  It was once located on a parcel situated behind the former Hampton Cooperative Bank parking lot.

Location: Barbour Rd, Hampton, NH
Contact: Cindy Willis,
Plots: 40 plots, 15′ x 20′
Eligibility: Garden plots are only available to Hampton residents and only one garden is permitted per dwelling unit
Fee: $25

Green Thumb Gardener Profiles

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of creative gardener leaders

Dick Gardener
On August 30th we left our work clothes at home and joined together for a pot luck supper and to say good bye to a long time gardener and friend Dick Gardner who has been instrumental in the development of the community garden since its inspection in the early 1990's. Not only has Dick taken care of most maintenance issues throughout the years but he has always been the go to guy for other gardeners with agricultural issues. He has generously shared his wealth of knowledge with many and could be seen sitting in his chair at the back of the garden long after the frost had set in. Dicks philosophy was that if he could open the garden gate ( snow) he could garden. We will all miss him and wish him and Anne all the best in their new home in Hudson MA.


Bryan  Bogus

Hello, my name is Bryan  Bogus I am a retired Chef that has lived on the seacoast since 1983, originally from the Boston area. I became a gardener by chance, I was living on  Hampton Beach and had a little space in the parking lot of the building I lived in. I started out with a few herbs for cooking then expanded to tomatoes, peppers and strawberries all in containers. Before I knew it I had a regular farmers market in the parking lot.It was time to find a bigger space, that is when I learned of the Hampton Victory garden. I have gained a new found respect for the hard work of our farmers and gardening in general. I have been involved with food in one way or another for 47 years, this is just one more way to learn about food. I also like to repurpose things I find at yard sales and the goodwill store. I look forward to sharing the bounty of my work with those less fortunate. Other than that it is great therapy and gives one a  true sense of accomplishment. I have met some very nice people too.

Getting dirty is a lot of fun and hard work!