Lafayette Road Drainage and Paving Project

Below, you will find links to the conceptual drawings that were presented at the On March 13th, the Department of Public Works hosted a Public Input session regarding the Lafayette Road Drainage and Paving Project scheduled to begin this year. The conceptual plans that were presented can be found below.
These plans incorporate changes to the  Lafayette Road and Winnacunnet Road intersection, define constant roadway widths and bike lanes, slightly revise the parking along the northern part of Lafayette Road, show new sidewalks to include ADA improvements, include crosswalk locations with proposed flashing beacon lights and highlight drainage and changes the High Street Parking Lot striping and curbing for better access management. Discussions were also had regarding the use of planters and other elements to tie the corridor together from an aesthetic viewpoint.
During this meeting, the DPW received comments regarding the limits of work, the need for the installation of bike racks, the need for scooter parking, suggestions to increase the sidewalk widths to narrow the roadway on Lafayette to deter speed, suggested slightly different parking and access layout at the High Street parking lot, asked about snow removal in the Depot Square area and the High Street Lot, questioned the number of mid-block crossings on Lafayette (if there were enough) and other overall questions regarding the changes made.
The DPW along with their Engineers’ Wright Pierce will be looking to define the final design by incorporating some suggested changes and answering the questions raised. In addition, we will be working with the local Police and Fire Departments for any concerns they may have. We hope to have this completed by the end of March. From that point we will present the plans to the Board of Selectman, provide a large print out displayed at Town Hall and will work on the bidding and construction schedules.
We look forward to any additional comments such that we can consider them as part of the final plan. Comments can be made to the Public Works Department by phone at 603-926-3202 or by email to Deputy Hale at