Can I cook on my deck or balcony?

Fire Permissibility List


Items 1-3 do not apply to one and two family dwellings.


  1.  Cooking
    1. Gas
      1. Not permitted on decks or balconies
      2. Must be 10 feet away from structures
    2. Charcoal
      1. Same restrictions as Gas
    3. Wood smokers
      1. Same restrictions as Gas
    4. Electric
      1. Permitted on decks and balconies
      2. Must be UL listed
  2. Heating
    1. Propane
      1. Outdoor stand heaters must be 5 ft away from structures
      2. Not allowed on decks or balconies with structure overhead
      3. Indoor must be UL listed for indoor
    2. Kerosene
      1. Same as propane
  3. Decorative
    1. Flame tables
      1. Permitted on decks and balconies
      2. Must be UL listed
  4. Open Fires
    1. Fire Pits
      1. Must be less than 2 ft in diameter
      2. 25 ft from a structure
        1. Non-attached fences are not considered a structure
      3. Require a permit
      4. No construction debris
      5. Nothing larger than 5in in diameter
    2. Portable (Chiminea or “Solo stove”)
      1. Same restrictions as fire pits

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