Can I pay my property tax online?

Yes, go to Property Tax Payments to pay online. This will give you information on all outstanding taxes due, and will give you a history of most recent taxes paid. (Small fee applies if paying the taxes online, a $25 fee applies to checks returned for any reason by your bank, but lookup is free.) Also, you can look at the assessment information online through Vision Appraisal.

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1. Can I pay my property tax online?
2. Who do I talk to regarding a question about my assessment?
3. Are sewer and water included in the tax bills?
4. Are there any exemptions, or credits, available?
5. Do you accept credit payments?
6. Who should the check be made payable to, and can I get a receipt?
7. Can I date my check for the due date and give it to you to hold until the due date?
8. I didn’t receive my bill, therefore I don’t have to pay any interest or late fees right?
9. What happens if I don’t pay the taxes or interest due? What is the lien procedure?