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I am Katherine Moran, a graduate of Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Information Design. 

Throughout my life, art and creativity have been woven into almost everything I do. Starting as something I did solely for myself, it has since bloomed into so much more. From growing up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, a lot of my inspiration comes from what I observe around me in nature. Through the lens of art, I have learned to observe things more carefully and with a sharper eye. These deeper inspections have motivated me to pursue design further. Experimenting with various mediums and finding new avenues of creativity has always been exciting to me. Gaining insight and knowledge through university and experience has enabled me to expand on this passion. Some of the art forms I have worked with include watercolor, chalk pastel, metal, digital rendering, and photography. Creating with purpose and intention has always been a large driving force behind my work and can be demonstrated through the commission work I have done as well as the small business that I started, Knocean. In addition to these passion projects, I began working full time at an architecture firm during the pandemic while I took a gap-year from college. Each stage of life has presented new challenges and sources of inspiration for me. 

As I embark on a new chapter, I intend to carry all of this with me to use as scaffolding to support further growth as a designer. Through this body of work I hope you can find insight into my creativity in all its forms :)