Online ApplicationAdopt Me Liberty Tree

Dear Fellow Neighbor, 

Thank you for your interest in the Hampton Parks & Recreation Adopt-a-Spot program. Who wouldn’t like to help beautify their community? Gather some friends, neighbors, classrooms, or a business because we have a handful of locations looking for some TLC. We currently have eighteen adoptable spots with several already fulfilled. Here are some great reasons for getting involved:

  • *Give yourself something new to participate in.
  • *Get outdoors.
  • *It feels plain ol’ good to help out.
  • *Adopting a spot benefits everyone.
  • *It becomes a domino effect of goodness.
  • *Many hands make work light.

Enhance the charm of our Hampton community, specifically our Parks. This program has been around for many, many years, and it does take many hands to make work light! We cheerfully thank you for taking interest in keeping this wonderful program alive and well. If you would like to reach out and chat with us, we’d enjoy that too. Let’s green up Hampton!

Thank you and happy gardening,

The Hampton Parks & Rec Team

34 Park Avenue

Hampton, NH 03842