Parking at Hampton Beach

There are 3 Municipal Parking Lots located at Hampton Beach. Ashworth Ave, Island Path and Church St. All 3 parking lots are operated by the Town of Hampton. These 3 lots can be used by anyone wishing to park at Hampton Beach. They are pay and display lots. This means you pay at the meter and display the printed ticket on the dash of your car. 

There is currently no mobile application for these lots and each meter is card only. No cash or Coin accepted. It is a flat rate for the day meaning you pay once and your ticket will not expire until the following day. 

The map below is interactive and will show you the location of each parking lot as well as where each pay meter is located.  The parking lots are highlighted in blue (Zoom in to see the exact lot outline) and will have a blue and white "P".

All 3 parking lots hours of operation are 7:00am - 2:00am 7 Days a week.

These are the only 3 Parking Lots operated by the Town of Hampton. Any other Parking lot at Hampton Beach is either privately owned and operated or owned and operated by the State of New Hampshire. If you have any issues with parking for the State owned meters, spaces and lots please visit the State of New Hampshire's website.