Residential Parking

The map below is interactive and will show you the location of each Residential parking lot.  The parking lots are highlighted in Red (Zoom in to see the exact lot outline) and will have a Red and White "P".

The Town offers resident parking lots that you must have a resident sticker to park in. The stickers are usually given out at the Town Clerks Office with the Town Manager’s Assistant and the Finance Department being available when the Town Clerks Office is Closed. They must show vehicle registration and a tax bill proving that the property is owned by the same name on the registration.

Transfer Station & Beach Parking Stickers: To obtain a resident sticker we will need the following:

  • If you own property and your vehicle is registered out of town, we need a copy of your tax bill and your vehicle registration(s)    
  • If you are interested in purchasing the decorative sticker for $10.00 (the money goes to the Recreation Department for scholarships to participate in Recreation Department programs).

The following lots allow parking for residents who have a "Resident Parking Sticker":  Joseph Brown Park Parking Lot at Plaice Cove, Veterans of the Korean Conflict Parking Lot (south of Cusack Rd at Ocean Blvd), Bicentennial Park Parking Lot, Veterans of the Persian Gulf War Parking Lot (south of High St at Ocean Blvd), Veterans of the War of 1812 Parking Lot (at the Church Street Pump Station) and Veterans of the American Revolutionary War Parking Lot (at Sun Valley Pump Station).  Please see signs at these lots to determine parking location and hours.  

Hampton Resident Parking by Permit Only May 15 - Oct 15 on the following Streets:

Atlantic Avenue
Boston Avenue
Bradford Avenue
Bragg Avenue
Cliff Avenue
Concord Avenue
Dover Avenue
Dow Avenue
Dumas Avenue
Epping Avenue
Fellows Avenue
Gentian Road
Gill Street
Green Street
Harris Avenue
Highland Avenue
Hobson Avenue
Johnson Avenue
Jones Avenue
Lettered Streets A-C
Lettered Streets F-Q
Meadow Pond Road
Numbered Streets 1st - 19th
Pearl Street
Perkins Avenue
Red Coat Lane
Redman Street
River Avenue
Riverview Terrace
Sunsurf Avenue
Tuttle Avenue
Whitten Avenue
Winnacunnet Road Southside East from Pump Station to RT.1A

Hampton residential parking permit qualifications.

Issuance of Hampton resident parking permit and transfer station permit.

Hampton resident parking permits and transfer station permits shall only be issued for and to the personal/passenger vehicle(s) that is (are) registered in the name(s) of residents and or the property owner(s) as listed on the tax bill, tax statement, and/or the property tax card. 

The following types of vehicles are prohibited from parking in Hampton resident parking lots: unlicensed vehicles, unregistered vehicles; uninspected vehicles; unregistered motorcycles, uninspected motorcycles, OHRV, ATV's, vehicles with commercial plates; commercial vehicles; commercially used vehicles; non­commercial vehicles, construction vehicles; construction equipment; commercial and/or personal recreational vehicles; livery vehicles for hire; taxis; motor homes of any kind; campers; boats and boat trailers; trailers of any type or description; and buses of any kind.

Exceptions: Issuance of permits for leased personal/passenger vehicles, individuals of trusts, and commercial vehicles.

Leased personal vehicles. Upon proper documentation naming an individual as the lessee of the personal/passenger vehicle, who is a Hampton resident or the property owner as listed on the tax bill, tax statement, and/or the property tax card.

Trusts. Upon proper documentation, permits for personal/passenger vehicle(s) that is (are) registered in the name(s) of the individual(s) named within the trust as the property owner as listed on the tax bill, tax statement and/or the property tax card.

Commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles that are registered in Hampton and/or registered in the name(s) of the property owners as listed on the tax bill, tax statement and/or the property tax card will only be issued a transfer station permit.

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