The Town’s Cemeteries are supervised and controlled by the Office of the Town Manager, with day-to-day operations and oversight performed by two Cemetery Superintendents.

The Town has one operating cemetery, located on High Street, which contains 26 acres.  All work is subject to funding approved through Town Meeting or by use of reserve funds.

Through the year 1901, all the cemetery records for the Town of Hampton have been published and are readily available at the Lane Memorial Library and on the library’s website, which can be found HERE.   Records of the High Street Cemetery are available in the cemetery superintendents’ office.

The Town is also responsible for maintaining the following historical cemeteries:

Pine Grove Cemetery, 1680-1834 

Shaw Cemetery, 1713 or 1718-1858 

Bride Hill Cemetery, 1782-1890 

Ring Swamp Cemetery, 1800-1934 

"Ye Old Neighborhood" Cemetery, 1800-1933

Sanborn/Brown Family Cemetery 1829-1907

In addition, there are a number of private cemeteries located in Hampton:

Landing Cemetery, 1715-1727

Batchelder Cemetery, 1823-1900

Elkins Cemetery, 1851-1893