Town Forest

The Town Forest is open daily from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. These access hours shall not apply to hunting by hunters holding valid NH Hunting Licenses during applicable hunting seasons.


The following activities and uses are permitted within the Town Forest:

  1. Pedestrian uses, including but not limited to hiking/walking/running, bird watching, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  Items carried in by hikers and other users must be carried out.
  2. Hunting in accordance with New Hampshire laws, rules and regulations.
  3. Bicycling on non-motorized bicycles, but only on trails approved for that use by the Town Forestry Committee.
  4. Trail construction, repair, and management activities approved by the Town Forestry Committee.
  5. Forest and wildlife management activities approved by the Town Forestry Committee.
  6. Walking or running of leashed pet(s).  All pet waste shall be removed and properly disposed of by the person(s) accompanying the animal.


The following activities are prohibited within the Town Forest:

  1. Dumping of rubbish, waste, cigarette butts, leaves, brush, paper, or other materials and substances.  
  2. Removal of or damage to any structure, signage, stonewalls, plants or other natural features.
  3. Construction or erection, other than by or for the Town Forestry Committee, of permanent tree stands, tent platforms, or other structures.
  4. Target shooting or any other discharge of a firearm other than what is permitted in Section IV-B.
  5. Building and lighting of campfires. 
  6. Operation of Off-Highway Recreation Vehicles (OHRV) or motorized vehicles, except motorized wheelchairs and emergency vehicles. 
  7. Uses for commercial purposes.
  8. The possession, consumption, or use of controlled substances or alcoholic beverages.
  9. Walking or running of unleashed pet(s).


The following uses are allowed within the Town Forest with prior written approval from the Town Forestry Committee upon such terms as the Committee prescribes:

  1. Public functions/educational events
  2. Maple sugar sap collection
  3. Overnight camping 

The full text of the Town Forest Bylaws.

Directions to the trails that start at White's LaneThere is a small dirt parking lot at White's Lane.

There is also an entrance to the Town Forest on Jonty's Lane, with two small parking spots.  

Town Forest Map 10-2021
Whites Lane  Map (JPG)