Testing Standards

Hampton Police Agility Standards

The Hampton Police Department Agility Testing Standards are adopted from the Standards established by the New Hampshire Police Standards & Training Academy.  These standards are based upon the Cooper Fitness Institute battery of tests.  Entry level standards require that candidates meet Cooper's 35th percentile norms for their sex and age.  This means that the candidate is as fit as at least the lower 35th percentile of the population of that sex and age.

You should start training for the agility test well in advance of the actual event.  The Standards are listed in the following pages.  Your goal should be to exceed the listed Standards as they are simply entry level requirements.  Our Agility Test is being given the same day as the written exam.  Given that our written exams are usually in the fall, (Oct-Nov) your personal training program should probably start in August or September in order to be prepared.

The Hampton Police Department recommends that you consult your personal physician before starting any physical training program.  A personal exercise program is dependent upon many factors that you have direct control of.  Establishing the proper mindset, goals, and habits are just the beginning.  Plan ahead for your personal success.

In order to take part in the Agility Test you will need to have Medical Clearance.  The Medical Clearance Form simply indicates to us that you are cleared to take part in the Agility Testing portion of the hiring process.

Push-UpsSit-Ups1½ Mile Timed Run