Drug Sales - FAQ

Hampton Police Employment - Standards Explanation
New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council


  • Question - I have illegally sold, transported an illegal substance for sale, or illegally manufactured a controlled substance. Does this activity negatively affect me being able to work as a Police Officer at Hampton PD?

  • Answer - This disqualifies you. NH PSTC Administrative rules 301.05 indicate this behavior prohibits us from appointing anyone who has taken part in these activities. Although an opportunity to apply for an exception exists when the events occurred as a Juvenile, Hampton PD currently will not apply for such relief.

  • Example - While a junior in High School you sold a few of your Ritalin tablets to friends to help them study for upcoming exams. Hampton PD would not appoint you as a Police Officer.

  • Selection - Successful applicants must be able to truthfully state that they have never illegally sold, transported for sale, or manufactured an illegal controlled substance. Applicant statements are verified by Background and Polygraph Investigation.