Strategic Goals

Hampton Police Department
Strategic Goals

1.    To provide the employees of the Department with a professional work environment that employs modern technology 


•    Update equipment - Radios, vests, coins/awards, Bean Bag all cruisers (40mm), dispatch equipment, pistol conversion, administrative training

•    Technology - Upgrades, Remote access setup, Website, e-ticket, Camera Security System, Phone system

2.    To improve Recruitment/Retention 


•    Website/Channel 22

•    Social media engagement

•    Positive community engagements

•    Engage with colleges, local military installations, and educator population

•    Expanded Community Outreach

•    “Work for Hampton” Campaign

•    Creation of Recruitment Team to develop achievable and measurable goals

•    Collaborate with NHPSTC to address training needs for new recruits


3.    To engage in a “People First” approach to management and department culture


•    Increase mental health training/treatment for officers, Expand department’s Peer Support Team

•    Continue mental health crisis response training

•    Include input of employees in developing agency goals and soliciting ideas in areas where it is appropriate to do so

•    Implementation of Intentional Mentorship sessions between supervisors and employees

•    Enhance training opportunities that enhance modern policing practices, constitutionally sound enforcement measures, and visionary leadership principles

4.    Increase responsiveness to community needs


•    Implementation of a problem oriented policing model

•    Expand transparency through regular communications and website improvements

•    Conduct regular public information sessions to address the concerns of the community

5.    To increase operational efficiency by streamlining processes through continuous process improvement, liability mitigation, and removing roadblocks to necessary change


•    Bureau Commander review and reports on progress

•    Advancement of Professional Standards Division

•    Process Improvement Team/Rapid Improvement Events

•    Accelerate change management

•    Develop implementation plan for BWC should the article pass

•    Pursue NH State Accreditation program in 2023

•    Building/strengthening partnerships with outside agencies to better increase our long-term viability and augment our end-strength

•    Developing a sustainable, operational, and fiscally responsible approach to outside agency management

•    Strengthen training curriculum to ensure modern approaches to operational and administrative practices

6.    To expand fiscal management and source funding initiatives


•    Budget and resource awareness/conservation training for supervision

•    Seek department input on goals and communication of strategies

•    Identifying and applying for grant opportunities

•    Engage with local, state, and federal representatives to collaboratively approach public safety funding

7.    Evaluate and strengthen response and Command and Control to school or large scale incidents


•    HPD School Response Team, Operations planning

•    Collaborate with SAU 21, SAU 90, and SHS to ensure effective and up-to-date response planning/MOUs

•    Improve technology measures (access, incident monitoring, InForce 911)

•    SRO development and engagement (RAIDER, ALICE)

•    NIMS/ICS Training

8.    To increase the level of positive community contacts to include the business community, tourists, and residents to further develop a community partnership and to help facilitate a rapid response to our community’s needs.


•    Citizens Academy, Coffee with a Cop, National Night Out

•    Increase personal contacts with citizens and businesses (increases positive interactions)