Strategic Goals

To provide a professional work environment that employs modern technology and equipment, participative management, and visionary leadership.   


•    To ensure employees have updated equipment that allows them to perform their duties efficiently, safely, and effectively.    

•    To continue working with the Town’s IT Department and Private Vendors on the continuous improvements to our Information Technologies equipment.

•    To promote internal/external discussions geared towards the vision and values of the department through feedback discussions and Career Development.

To provide employees with training and career development opportunities that enhance employees’ professional development and resiliency.  


•    Ensure equitable job task distribution to allow more employees to engage in Department operations.  

•    Develop a training program that is geared towards the experience level of the officer and ensures continued development throughout an employee’s career.  

•    Implement training programs geared towards Officer well-being and Mental Health awareness.  

•    Supervisors will conduct a Career Development meeting with employees and provide feedback to the Administration to assist with job task distribution.  

To increase the level of positive community contacts to include the business community, tourists, and residents to further develop a community partnership and to help facilitate a rapid response to our community’s needs.


•    Develop outreach programs that will create positive contacts and help build community trust such as Citizens Academy, Coffee with a Cop, National Night Out, and/or an Explorer program

•    Strive towards implementing a dedicated Community Liaison to serve as a primary contact for community events

•    Increase the level of positive community contacts with more face to face interactions with residents and the business community

•    Leverage current technology to promote community outreach (social media, message boards, channel 22, etc.)

To develop a strategy to attract, recruit, and retain a group of diverse law enforcement officers to include those from outside of New Hampshire.  Additionally, strive to attract, recruit, and retain local residents already committed to the community.    


•    Develop a visually appealing and functional website that represents the professionalism of the agency.  

•    Increase the departments social media presence to enhance the marketability of the agency and assist highlighting our expanded community outreach

•    Encourage SRO’s to promote the NH Cadet Academy to develop long term commitment towards law enforcement and Hampton PD.

•    Implement ideas mentioned in UNH study detailing the “Work for Hampton” Campaign to include recruitment posters and brochures.

In order to address the staffing needs of the Department as well as be more responsive to the continued demands of our community we need to explore an increase in full time staffing levels.  


•    The implementation of a Traffic Enforcement Division in order to properly address the continuous complaints of traffic safety while also exploring data driven technologies to ensure we are properly addressing the issues.    

•    To increase the number of supervisors to provide direct supervision within the agency as well as improve the level of supervision with outside agencies working for HPD.  

•    To provide a dedicated officer to community policing and engagement, as recommended by Governor Sununu’s New Hampshire Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community, and Transparency

•    Continue to recruit and improve upon the Part-time officer program  

•    Explore the idea of hiring or contracting with a certified attorney to manage the Prosecution Division thereby freeing up a supervisor that can take on other law enforcement duties.