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Are you considering starting a Criminal Justice career?  The Hampton Police Department is the place to start!  New Officer's consistently talk about experience's that Veteran Officers in other Police Departments may never see in their career.  You get paid to learn from real life experiences.  Learn how to interact with and deal with Crowds.  Direct, control and make effective Traffic stops.  Make single, multiple, and group Arrests.  Respond to and investigate Accidents.  Conduct criminal Investigations.  Learn to testify at Court hearings and much more.

Recognized as one of the leaders in the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Community, our Agency offers an exciting and  challenging experience to the Novice, Experienced, or Retired (LE) Applicant.  Many Criminal Justice careers have been started on the streets of our Community.  Members of our alumni can be found across the nation in a broad spectrum of Local, State, and Federal Agencies representing ranks from Patrolman to Chief of Police.

The Hampton Police Department typically hires several new Part-Time Police Officers every year for regularly scheduled work during our busy summer season.  The summer season starts late in June and runs through the second week in September.

Part-Time Police Officers are required to work a minimum of (3) eight-hour shifts a week during the summer schedule.  One of the three shifts must be during the weekend schedule between Friday-Sunday.  The opportunity to earn more and gain experience is also available throughout the off season to cover vacations, sick days, traffic and special details.

We provide the Training, Certification, and Experience to get you started as a Police Officer.  Certification starts through New Hampshire Police Standards as a Part-Time Police Officer.  Additionally we provide a 150 hour training evolution that includes Use of Force Decisions, Firearms (Handgun and Rifle), PR-24 Baton, Pepper Gas, Handcuffing, and Taser to name but just a few topics.  Uniforms and all basic equipment are furnished by the Hampton Police Department.  Following this intense and challenging training program, each new Officer is paired with a Veteran Officer during their first tours of duty.

Get your career Started Today!  File an Employment Application for a Job with Hampton Police Department Now!