Planning Board Public Hearings - June 3, 2020

The June 3, 2020 Planning Board meeting will be held via teleconference service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since there is no physical location to observe and listen contemporaneously to this meeting, the Planning Board wishes to assist the public by providing links to the plans and/or graphics submitted by applicants for Public Hearing items.

Please click on an application below to access the corresponding plan and/or graphic.


20-024   35 Munsey Drive                          
Map:  76    Lot:  9
Applicant: Edward Stevens & Cathy Pascoe
Owner of Record: Same
Driveway Permit Appeal: Second Driveway requested (too many curb cuts)

20-026   220 A & B Towle Farm Rd      
Map:  155   Lot:  4
Applicant: Dylan Drake & Kyle Averill (The Homestead Estates)
Owner of Record: Kyle & Kelly Averill & Dylan & Tessa Drake
Condominium Conversion (Amended):  Amend condominium site plan to include garage(s), driveway(s), trellis removal, shed(s) construction, etc.  Additions/improvements noted on Plan.
Waiver Request:  Section V.E. – Detailed Plans

20-027   2, 6 & 7 Scott Road & Scott Rd.    
Map:  125 & 126 Lots: 44 & 7, 31 and 34
Applicant: Casemo Realty LLC
Owner of Record: Same.
Site Plan (Amended Application): Merge lots 31 & 34 and construct an approximately 28,800 s.f. industrial building with associated parking & driveway

20-028     38 Island Path                            
Map:  282    Lot:  12
Applicant: Richard & Martha Bernier
Owner of Record: Richard & Martha Bernier, Trustees, Revocable Trust.
Wetlands Permit:  Raise the existing house and deck to elevation 11.5 so the structure will be above flood elevatio


20-023   44 Reddington Landing   (continued from May 6, 2020)
Map:  43   Lot:  20
Applicants: Sean and Kristene Kelley
Owner of Record: Same.
Conditional Use Permit for ADU:  Construct approximately 639 s.f. attached accessory dwelling unit to be located within proposed addition to home.

20-021   349 Lafayette Road   (continued from May 6, 2020)
Map:  175  Lot:  5
Applicant: Paul Rabenius
Owner of Record: Lafayette Road 349, LLC
Site Plan: Construct a 2,565 square foot Auto-Service Station with improved access, parking and utilities.