Planning Board Public Hearings - December 2, 2020

Planning Board Public Hearings - December 2, 2020

The December 2, 2020 Planning Board meeting will be held via teleconference service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since there is no physical location to observe and listen contemporaneously to this meeting, the Planning Board wishes to assist the public by providing links to the plans and/or graphics submitted by applicants for Public Hearing items.

Please note that the proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments to be heard at this meeting are located on the front page of the website under "Alerts".

Please click on an application below to access the corresponding plan and/or graphic.


20-056   1024 Ocean Boulevard                    

Map:  116    Lot:  37

Applicant: Kathleen Romano

Owner of Record: Romano Family Living Trust

Wetlands Permit: Relocate two boulders impeding stairway/beach access to front sea wall in their natural surroundings. Construct stairs to extend down to the beach.

20-025   48-52 High Street                          

Map:  161    Lot:  2

Applicant: 48-52 High Street LLC

Owner of Record: Same

Site Plan and Conditional Use Permit:  Demolish existing structure and construct two new structures.  Structure adjacent to High Street to consist of 2 commercial units and 4 residential units.  Second structure to be at the rear portion of the lot and to consist of 12 residential units.  Waiver Request: Section IV. (lighting).

20-057   540 Lafayette Road               

Map:  144    Lot:   11

Applicant: LMR Properties LLC

Owner of Record: Same

Site Plan & Conditional Use Permit: Complete the construction of three, 3-bedroom units approved in 2012 (now expired) within existing building. Existing 1st floor commercial units to remain. No exterior changes are proposed.  Waiver Request: Section V.E. Detailed Plans.


20-052   27 Langdale Drive                            

Map:  68    Lot:  12

Applicant: Jean M. Mohan

Owner of Record: Same 

Wetlands Permit: Application of screened loam and crushed stone within the 50' buffer. Remove and replace 8'x8' deck.  Installation of 6' vinyl fence. Construction of two long retaining walls. (Applicant seeking to waive after-the fact permit fee).

20-058   18 & 14 Sapphire Avenue & 1 Thorwald Avenue                   

Map: 223    Lot: 83

Applicant: Krystyna Godbout.    Owner of Record: Same (18 Sapphire); Walker Revocable Trust (14 Sapphire) & Joanne Floudaras (1 Thorwald) 

Wetlands Permit: Replace approximately 62 linear feet of wooden retaining wall along section of the tidal creek known as Eel Ditch and raise an existing family home within the existing footprint to accommodate a first-floor garage.