Hampton Master Plan Update

MasterPlanPicThe Town of Hampton is updating its Master Plan, and is soliciting public input to help shape the town's future.

During this first phase of the project, the Master Plan Steering Committee is seeking input on the Vision and Coastal Management portions of the plan.  The Vision states the values and ideals that will guide the Master Plan. Coastal management refers to the actions taken to keep the coast’s natural environment, built environment, quality of life, and economic prosperity in balance; it includes resilience - the ability to thrive in a changing climate.  

This first phase of the Master Plan update project is funded, in part, by NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management under the Coastal Zone Management Act in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program.

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There are currently two ways for the public to participate:

First, an online survey is posted at www.surveymonkey.com/r/PlanHampton.

Second, members of the public are invited to send text messages to 603-968-0712 with concise thoughts about the Master Plan Vision and Coastal Management: What is your vision for our town? What big ideas do you have for addressing coastal resilience?

Stay tuned for future participation opportunities as well, including:

  • Focus groups
  • Opportunities for reviewing draft content
  • Additional meetings and workshops

For more information, email planhampton@gmail.com.


Two virtual workshops were held in August to discuss the project and engage in a discussion about the priorities and visions of you, Hampton’s residents.

An abbreviated version of the workshop presentation can be viewed at youtu.be/hOPS1ICaOl8.


Materials created as part of the Vision and Coastal Management development process will be posted here as they are presented to the Master Plan Steering Committee for review.  Please note that many of these documents are in draft form and are being shared with the Committee for the purpose of sparking discussion and soliciting feedback, not necessarily as suggested final products.

  1. MandM01_Scope (PDF)
  2. MandM02_Data Compilation and Review Memo and Matrix (PDF)
  3. MandM03_Data Compilation and Review Map (PDF)
  4. MandM04_Municipal Staff Questionnaire (PDF)
  5. MandM05_Review of Existing Online Survey (PDF)
  6. 06-17-20 MandM - Municipal Staff Questionnaire FINAL (PDF)
  7. 06-17-20 MandM - Hampton Initial Stakeholder List (PDF)
  8. 06-17-20 MandM - Hampton Public Participation Plan (PDF)
  9. 07-15-20 MandM Public Survey Draft (PDF)
  10. 07-15-20 MandM - Public Engagement Plan (PDF)
  11. 07-15-20 MandM - Updated Poster Designs (PDF)
  12. 07-15-20 MandM - Updated Yard Sign Designs (PDF)
  13. 09-16-20 MandM Interim Key Takeaways (PDF)
  14. 09-16-20 MandM Public Engagement Plan (PDF)
  15. 09-16-20 MandM Workshop Notes (PDF)


Click the links below to view presentations and documents that will provide useful background information about master planning in general, and the Town of Hampton’s master plan update efforts specifically.

  1. 2013 Vision Subcommittee_Compilation of Public Responses (PDF)
  2. 2013 Vision Subcommittee_Presentation to Planning Board (PDF)
  3. Elements of a Master Plan (PDF)
  4. Examples of Master Plans from Other Communities (PDF)
  5. Master Plan Sessions_Goals and Objectives_Rev 07-2019 (PDF)
  6. Master Planning in New Hampshire_Overview (PDF)
  7. RSA 674 1-4 _Master Plan (PDF)
  8. Town of Hampton Master Plan_Existing Plan Info (PDF)
  9. RPC Presentation_Hampton Master Plan (PDF)