The Hampton Town Clerk's office hours are as follows:

Monday through Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm
Thursday  10 am - 7 pm
Friday 8 am - 11:30 am

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Town Clerk

The Town Clerk was the first official appointed by the colonists when they established the town in 1638. At that time the clerk was responsible for writing and recording all the town records. Those records still exist and provide an accurate description of life in the colonies.

Duties Today

Today, the duties of the clerk have changed greatly, although one duty is still maintaining town records. We also serve as the local registrar, issuing marriage licenses and copies of birth, marriage, and death records.

We register motor vehicles, boats, OHRVs and issue hunting and fishing licenses as well as license dogs. The office collects over four million dollars annually, in taxes and fees for both town and state.

In addition, we handle all phases of federal, state and local elections, from registering new voters, issuing absentee ballots, taking official minutes, printing ballots, to recording and certifying the votes.

Auto Registration E Regulation car renewal

Renew your cars online with E-Register.

One-check registration is here! Pay your auto registrations with one check only (no need to write two separate checks any longer!).

  • Payable to Town of Hampton
  • Now accepting credit cards! (2.75% convenience fee added)
  • There’s an ATM in our lobby if you wish to pay cash ($2.50 fee and limit of $300 per transaction)

Resident Decals

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Check out the new designer Resident Decals!

The decals are $10 each and they support Hampton Recreation Scholarship Fund. Call Town Clerk for more information.

Town Clerk Documents

View documents from the Town Clerk department.