Welcome to Hampton Fire Rescue.


Our Department consists of 46 members and is represented by a diverse work force of dedicated men and women.


With two fire stations, we provide a vast array of services to the residents and guests of Hampton. These services include:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Fire Prevention and Safety Programs
  • Fire Suppression
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Water Rescue
  • Public Education

Above all, we are a customer service organization committed to preserving the lives, property, and environment of our community.

Fire Department Site Pages

We are hopeful that through this electronic tool, you will learn more about your fire department and how it serves you. Our objective is to update you regularly through the use of this site on key fire department issues of the day such as our budget, our annual report, new equipment and personnel, and both short and long terms goals for our organization.

We encourage you to explore our site and read about our current programs and priorities. It is our desire that through this site you will be better informed about the Hampton Fire Department and the many services we provide.

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