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Mark S. Gearreald, Esq.
Town Attorney

Mark Gearreald has served as Hampton’s first in-house legal counsel since January of 2003. Attorney Gearreald has been a member of the New Hampshire Bar since 1978. He is admitted to practice in the State of New Hampshire, United States District Court of New Hampshire, First Circuit of Appeals and the United State Supreme Court. Attorney Gearreald has participated in 29 reported appellate cases in his 33 year career.

Wanda Robertson has served as Hampton’s first in-house legal assistant since January of 2003. She attended law school at night while working for the Town during the day. Attorney Robertson was sworn in to the Massachusetts Bar in December of 2009, and sworn in to the New Hampshire bar and the United States District Court of New Hampshire in May of 2011. As of March 5, 2012, the role of Human Resources Coordinator has been formally added to Attorney Robertson’s responsibilities.


The Legal Department provides cost effective legal services to the Town through the Board of Selectmen, Town Manager, Department Heads, Town Officials, Boards and Commissions in the form of legal advice, opinions and document and contract review. The Legal Department also advises Department Heads on a daily basis on legal questions that arise in their Departments, in a proactive effort to avoid litigation expenses for the Town through early intervention.

While a lot of our work goes on behind the scenes, the litigation matters handled by the Legal Department serve as visible examples of what is being accomplished for the Town. The Legal Department handles most of the litigation matters that are brought by and against the Town. The Town itself initiates very few cases in court, and these cases are undertaken at the direction of the Board of Selectmen.