Memorandum of Points on Payment of Outside Counsel for Jan. 30, 2017 Meeting

Selectman Barnes has asked me about whether to make public the recitation of points that I prepared for her, which she read aloud, at the Budget Committee Meeting of January 30, 2017.

The subject of that meeting, apart from the approval of minutes of December 20, 2016, was to “review options for compensation for Attorney Gould in regard to the BOS refusal to allow the Committee to use its legal budget line.”

            This subject is definitely within the purview of my job description to address inasmuch as much as it deals with expenditures for outside counsel. I prepared the memorandum of points so that Regina as the Selectmen’s representative to the Budget Committee could address many aspects of this subject, not the least of which was the fact that Attorney Gould was not seeking to be paid for the time he had spent with Mary Louise.

            Attached is a copy of this memorandum, with some typographical errors corrected. This was not a memorandum that I had intended to be read aloud, but I do believe in the validity of points that are made and provided backup documents for each point.

            If this memorandum and its attachments are to be made public, the Board would need to waive the Attorney- Client Privilege in the release of this document in that it was prepared for your representative to the Budget Committee and was given to her confidentially.

            If this memo is to be released, I would want the attachments to go with it as back-up since the memo consists not only of the four pages worth of points, but also of the ten items of documentation that were attached.

            Where this document is critical of Mary-Louise Woolsey, the release of this document at this time may be seen as “political” in light of the upcoming election, where Mary-Louise is running for Selectman against two sitting members; thus, it might be best for Mary-Louise’s opponents on the Board to abstain from acting upon this motion.


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