Motor Vehicle Registration

In New Hampshire, a vehicle registration always starts in your town clerk’s office.

Renew your Plates online

  • Registration document holders for sale at the town clerk’s office for $1 each
  • Now accepting credit cards! MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express (2.75% Convenience Fee Added on all credit card transactions)
  • There’s an ATM in our lobby if you wish to pay with cash ($2.50 fee per transaction, limit of $300 per transaction)

Online Services

The Town Clerk’s Office is now on line with the State of New Hampshire for Motor Vehicle Registrations. We are able to provide Conservation (Moose) Plates, provide duplicate copies of registrations, and a number of other services that we were not able to provide in the past.

If you are calling the office to obtain an estimate on your renewal or are wishing to obtain the fees you paid in order to claim those amounts on your taxes, you must have all of the plate numbers for which you are inquiring.

No information regarding an auto, individual, or a transaction may be released from our files.

New Vehicles

If you purchased the car from a New Hampshire dealer, bring in the “town clerks copy” of the blue title application.

For all other purchases of vehicles year 2000 and newer, bring in the title signed over to you along with a bill of sale. For older vehicles a bill of sale and title or if it was registered in NH bring a bill of sale and a copy of the old registration.

Verification Forms

If you do not have these items you will be asked to have a verification form completed.

You may use plates from another vehicle you sold or traded and “transfer” any remaining credits to the new vehicle. In order to perform a transfer, you must provide the town clerk’s office with the current original registration of the vehicle you are transferring plates from.

New Resident Requirements

A title is required for all motor vehicles year 2000 and newer. You will be asked to surrender the old state title to receive a New Hampshire one.

If you are leasing your car or have a lien on it, bring in your leasing papers and your current registration. In most cases we will only apply for a New Hampshire title at this time. For older vehicles (1999 and older) a current registration in your name will do.

ID & Residency

You will be required to show proof of identity and residency.

We accept current licenses or a government issued photo ID. In addition, all foreign nationals must bring in their current passport and visa.

To prove residency we accept:

  • Current bank statement (dated within the past 30 days)
  • Current mail (received within the past 30 days) showing address and date posted
  • Current (received within the past 30 days) utility bills showing service at that address
  • Lease or rental agreements
  • Mail with yellow forwarding address sticker on it

You must appear in person with the above documents the first time you are registering a vehicle in Hampton.